Care for your dog, like it always cares for you.

Care for those around you

Dogs and cats deserve as much respect and care as they give us.

Behind a happy pet, there is always an attentive owner who understands all the little signals that their pet gives off.

Our vision is to give all pet equal attention. We will contribute to this by making it easier for owners to follow up on their dog's needs, health and well-being.

Norwegian technology

Lilbit is a tech company headquartered in Trondheim, Norway. For us, a local presence is important, that's why we design, develop and manufacture all our products locally.

With us, all products, software and services are built from the ground up for seamless integration and security. By taking ownership throughout the process, within a small and carefully selected segment, we tailor world-class products.


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Meet our multidisciplinary team

We have a burning passion for dogs and technology, and we feel a strong responsibility to build something that makes a positive difference. With expertise in production, hardware, software, firmware and user design, we work in a cross-functional team to achieve the best possible overall experience. With us, complex problems are solved by autonomous teams.

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With technology that enables people to take better care of pets, we contribute to good health and quality of life

We work towards the UN sustainability goals

For us, it is important to take part in the UN's goal of sustainable development. This means that our development must satisfy today's needs without destroying future generations' opportunities to satisfy their needs. We will help fight inequalities, contribute to better health, climate and the environment.

We will do this by developing a unit that contributes to better health and quality of life in both humans and animals. Our products must be produced locally, with industrial quality and a focus on recyclable raw materials. With a focus on innovation, we will also contribute to inclusive sustainable industrialization in the production of our units.

Good health and well-being
Responsible consumption and production
Industry, innovation and infrastructure

Technology that contributes positively to the world

Our skilled team in Trondheim manages the entire process from idea to development, design and manufacturing. This total package gives us full control at all stages on the road to realising our vision. In addition, we create valuable jobs that contribute to a healthy economy.



Trondheim is known as the tech capital of Norway, giving Lilbit access to world-leading expertise in narrowband, chip design and production. For us, this means that we can make world-class hardware.

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Trondheim is a global competence center within wireless communication, narrowband and embedded development. This has given us a unique access to expertise, which means that we are at the forefront of the world with our software and services.

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Our hardware and software are manufactured from scratch at the same time as they are adapted to our own manufacturing line. This gives us full control over connection, power management and functions, which gives us a unique opportunity to customize our solutions.

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Local development and manufacturing is an absolute necessity.

When developing small portable IoT devices, development are mainly about battery usage. In order to be able to optimise for small data streams and low power consumption, the entire product must be put together in a single process.

This means that local development, design and production are absolutely necessary to succeed in the market with new smart devices connected to the grid. Fortunately for us, we have the largest global players in our neighbourhood, which makes it easy for us to acquire expertise locally.

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It can be difficult to understand the small signs your dog gives off during a busy day. Lildog makes you a more attentive dog owner.


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Lilbit was founded in 2016 with a vision to develop technology that takes care of those around us. At the heart of our commitment lies a genuine love for animals. We believe that all animals deserve the same care and respect that they give us. If we take care of the animals, they will take care of us.


The goal is to give all dogs the same opportunity to receive good care from their owner. We will achieve this by making owners aware of all the small signs and signals that their dog express. Our ambition is for lildog to become to dogs, what the smartphone has become for us humans. Our goal is to give all the dogs of the world a digital connection.

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