A day in the office with CTO Herbert Wikheim

Two years after Herbert Wikheim started working as a Firmware Developer for Lilbit, he leaps into the role as Lilbits new Chief Technical Officer.

Written by Brage Thobroe

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Herbert Wikheim had his first encounter with pioneering engineering as early as 14 years old, when he met the electrical engineers behind the car Borealis, made by Revolve NTNU at a fair in Lillestrøm. "From that point on, I knew what I wanted to work on in life," says Herbert.

10 years later he had completed his degree in electrical engineering and worked himself as a sensor system developer on the Revolve car.

After his time at Revolve NTNU, Herbert started working for Repack, later renamed Evyon, whose concept is to give battery packs from old cars new life for various stationary applications.

Herbert designed and produced the sensory system for Evyon and gained a lot of insight into battery chemistry, utilization and optimization.

It is important to take care of the environment

The main reason why Herbert wanted to discover how to effectively recycle old batteries as he eventually graduated is because, "it is important for me to take care of the environment". This is reflected in his daily life, as he cycles to work and distances himself from animal products.

"I'm also concerned with sustainable development with local production and recycling of raw materials", which made it a joy to start as a firmware developer at Lilbit a year and a half ago.

Loves dogs

"I love dogs. The bond and camaraderie that forms between dog and owner is something I have always wanted. When Lilbit offered me to work with battery and sensor technology on a device that makes it easier for dog owners to take care of their dog, I was immediately interested. The cherry on top was when I realised how much focus Lilbit has on local and sustainable production."

At the beginning of his career at Lilbit, Herbert worked on improving the battery consumption of our device.

First, analysis of the power consumption of the device's various resources, before he redesigned the entire battery capacity model and an overall system for handling said resources, so that everything became more streamlined and clear.

At Lilbit, everything is about creating the best product for the consumer, of which battery life is a high priority.

A significant number of working hours were therefore spent on optimizing functions and power consumption.

All-in i Lilbit

Ever since Herbert started working in Lilbit, he has lived for the company. There have been many late nights at the office, at home on the kitchen counter and in the car driving around while testing the GPS.

When the company raised money through Folkeinvest in 2020, Herbert had no doubts about where his savings should go and invested almost everything he had in the company.

“It doesn't get any better than this. Imagine getting to work on something that will really make a difference to dogs all over the world," says Herbert with a smile.

Chief Information Officer

At Lilbit, we are passionate about agile processes with T-shaped developers who know a little about everything, in addition to their cutting-edge skills.

Herbert is an Electrical Engineer, specialized in industrial instrumentation and sensor technology, but with a personal interest in low-level programming.

From 2021, the senior developers at Lilbit began to prepare Herbert to become the new CTO. First, he was given the position of Chief Information Officer, who is the head of the developers and the CTO's right-hand man.

Here Herbert got to try his hand at Bluetooth development, where he implemented security improvements, he was also responsible for the basic design of Machine Learning and further development of hardware design.

Technical Manager

At the end of 2022, the time had come to step up as technical manager. Being a technical manager in a company like Lilbit requires a lot of work and an enormous motivation to solve complex challenges.

There have been many late and sleepless nights, sometimes the developers haven’t left the office until the next day.

"I really feel like I'm part of a team that really wants to accomplish something, with more drive than I've ever seen anywhere else," he Explains.

"So taking over the management of such a motivated and self-driven team, I don't see as any problem. Only very motivating".

The future of Lilbit

Now the developer has been offered to lead the way as CTO. Together with the rest of the developers, they are already making great progress, and thereby Lilbit is entering the market with a completely unique product.

"I can't wait to see the product thrive in this market and I can't wait to see how huge this can be. I can't wait to see how many dogs and people we can help with Lildog and I'm looking forward to hearing feedback from customers."