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Why invest in Lilbit?

Our ambition is that lildog becomes to dogs, what smartphones have become to us humans. We want to connect all the dogs of the world and revolutionise the way we take care of our animals.

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Technology with purpose

The products we develop always aim to make life easier and better for animals, the people who take care of them, and the world as a whole. Being based in Trondheim also contributes to jobs and local value creation, which is something we are proud of. At the bottom of our commitment lies a genuine belief that animals deserve as much care and respect as they give us.

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Sustainability at all levels

Lilbit is concerned with acting responsibly and takes sustainability seriously. Therefore, we focus on local partners, local production and minimising transport emissions. Most of our components are Norwegian. The design, circuit board and shells are manufactured in Norway. With proximity and an overview of every step of our production process, we can deliver a reliable and durable product.


Developed & produced in Norway

Lilbit is a Norwegian tech company with a strong interdisciplinary and technical team. Our products are based on the latest technologies for embedded development and mobile technology. Today we design, develop, manufacture and sell smart mobile devices for dogs and cats.

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