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As a UX designer for lilbit, I get to contribute to the rewarding work of improving the everyday lives of pets and their owners. I'm happy to be part of a team of very talented people.

Øyvind Mikkelsen

Øyvind Mikkelsen

Join our team of talented developers, designers, journalists and technical salespeople who love their job! We are growing exponentially and are now looking for a UX Designer to join us!

You will be a part of our cross-functional team where developers, content producers, designers and marketers work closely to achieve the best possible results. Our vision is to create a world where animals get treated with care and respect. We will accomplish this with the innovative technology of our latest tracking devices, lildog and lilcat, which is soon to get launched.

Our core values

  • Be proactive, humble and honest
  • Create fun, engagement and a little "weirdness"
  • Pursue knowledge and growth
  • Be obsessed with customers

Your role

You will be part of the web team with the main responsibility for creating user-friendly web solutions that can both sell our products and that can contribute to achieving our vision. We are looking for you who are experienced in the subject. You can both build solutions from idea to finished product, as well as improve existing solutions based on collected data.

Your skills and experiences

  • Work with user experience on a conceptual level in addition to caring about pixel perfection
  • User testing and analytical tools to gain user insight
  • Design for web
  • Figma and other tools for working with prototypes and workflows
  • UX and UI design
  • Concerned about delivering high quality

Tasks at the position

  • Continuously work with concept development, identify UX and UI improvements on the web and solve these.
  • Develop high quality designs to ensure good user experiences across devices, surfaces and different browsers.
  • Mapping user needs, prototyping, visualization, design, user testing, user interviews, A / B testing and conversion optimization will be central to your work.
  • Validation and testing of design and new functionality together with the developers.
  • Assist the marketing department in designing landing pages and newsletters.

What it's like to work with us

We work sprint based in flexible teams where we follow the Scrum methodology. We use Gitlab, Miro and Discord as communication tools, where some of us work from home. In the sprint teams, we maintain a flat structure. We promote knowledge and growth by sharing information and expertise across the disciplines. We have regular and quick meetings during the day where we give updates to each other about the tasks we have and challenges that may arise.

In our new offices at Dora in Trondheim, we often meet for group assignments and fun. We arrange workshops where we plan our next steps as a company and make sure everyone is on the same page. For us, community and team building are absolutely crucial. Therefore, we also like to arrange social events outside of working hours on a regular basis.

Contact Us!

All designers who are interested in having a positive impact on pet life should apply! We look forward to hearing from you.

Perks and benefits

Working at lilbit comes with several perks and benefits

Flexible workspace

We believe in the freedom of working from wherever it suits you. We can offer you a seat in our Trondheim-based office, or you could choose to work from home. We will provide you with the necessary equipment to facilitate your work either way.

Fluffy work environment

Dogs and cats are always coming through our office, either as guests for our podcast or as members of our team.

Skill development

Within our team, we share the knowledge we have, and that’s how we take each other from good to great. That way, everybody wins.

Central office

Our local office is our anchor point, and it is located centrally at your convenience.

Contact Lilbit

Regardless of which developer profile or technology you resonate with, we encourage you to apply. Do you have any questions or comments? please contact us

Does this sound interesting, please send an application to: soknad@lilbit.no.